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.NET Training

.NET(.NET Framework) a perfect programming language which was developed by Microsoft Corporation.

Learn how to use .Net® from beginner level to advanced techniques which is taught by experienced working professionals. With our .Net Training in Chennai you’ll learn concepts in expert level with practical manner.

.NET Training

DOTNET key factors

  • .Net Framework and Fundamentals
  •   Learn Common Language Runtime (CLR).
  •   Learn Common Type System (CTS)
  •   Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL).
  •   Types of Assembly
  •   Garbage Collection
  •   Global Assembly Cache (GAC)
  • OOPS
  •   Inheritance
  •   Operator Overloading
  •   Delegates
  •   Virtual keyword
  •   Classes
  •   Objects
  • ADO.NET Training
  •   Introduction to ADO.NET
  •   SQL Connection
  •   Connection string in web.config file
  •   SQLCommand in ADO.NET
  •   SQLDataReader in ADO.NET
  •   SQL Command Builder
  •   Localization and globalization.
  • Security
  •   Themes and Master Pages
  •   Basics of AJAX
  •   Understating the Three tier Architecture
  •   FileUpload in